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Coat of Arms of Jokioinen


On 30th of July in 1951, by the suggestion of the Municipal Executive Committee, it was unanimously decided to accept the draft of G. Von Numers as the coat of arms of the municipality of Jokioinen.

In the coat of arms of Jokioinen, the red escutcheon is split into half by a wavy fess. Above the fess, there are two crossed ears of wheat and below it, there is an anvil. All the charges are golden.

The ears of wheat in the coat of arms symbolise strong agricultural area and agricultural research, the wavy fess the river (the name Jokioinen derives from joki, the Finnish word for river), and the anvil the long tradition of iron industry in the area


Jokioisten kunta

Keskuskatu 29 A, 31600 Jokioinen

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