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Exercise venues

Outdoors CrossFit gym zone, Miina Sillanpään tie 1


- 5 pieces of Lappset Sisu weight pack devices

- 3 pieces of Fitness Barbell plate bar devices

- 2 pieces of jump boxes

- 2 pieces of power ropes

- 1 piece of Sisu Fitness Frame

Train at your own risk!

The devices here have clear instructions and include QR codes about the right way to practice.

No maintenance during wintertime.

The area is only for training, it’s not a children’s playground!

Minimum height of the user is 140cm.

Elementary students can only train under guidance!

Parking spots during school time are at the sports fields parking area. The Miina school’s staffs parking area is available to use on evenings and weekends.

Fitness stairs, Miina Sillanpään tie 1

-height difference 9m

-52 steps

-length 36m

-stairwell 17cm

-depth 53cm


The stairs are not maintained for wintertime

Therefore, the stairs might be slippery

Exercise at your own risk

Travel path from the right side

Stud shoes and walking sticks are not allowed!

Click here for the instructions on the fitness stairs



The outdoor sports centre in downtown, Kenttätie 17



-Regular playing field, crushed red stone 350 m

-Long jump and throwing spots have artificial coating

-Football field grass size 45 x 85 m

-Baseball field has artificial grass

-Baseball training field has artificial grass

-Boccia field

-Fitness track / Ski slope, alighted, 1-4 km

-Rink / Ice skating area, alighted


There are several parking spots such as the he Kenttätie road next to the sports field or the parking spots near the Paronintie road intersection.


A security camera is surveilling the sports field.



Fitness centre, Keskuskatu 14

-A gym with Normann equipment; Weight lifting equipment and free form weight lifting equipment

-Two pieces of rowing machines, Technogym and treadmills, exercise bikes, Precor-crosstrainer, assault airbike and more

TRX cables, weight bars, kettlebells, step benches, plybox and more

More information from specific gym can be found on the left side of this web page.

Frisbee golf track, Kenttätie 17

-18-lane forest track (15x par3, 3x par4)

-classification A1

-also has two training putter training baskets

-Baskets; DisCatcher

-Throwing spots; Innova TeePad 2x4

-More information on the track

-A hatch on the maintenance door for any found discs

-map of the tracks

-Security document for the Frisbee track


If any accidents or dangerous situations occur then notify the careholder with this case notice form.


Only play with discs that include your name and phone number on our tracks!


The Frisbee golf track is closed during ski season!


Found discs


-Call directly the owner and arrange the return if the owner has his phone number on the disc.

-If you can’t reach the owner then drop the disc into the return hatch at the maintenance buildings return  hatch. 

-The emptying of the return hatch is handled by the Frisbee gold association FBG Forssa.

-Any lost discs can be inquired via Email from the address lostdiscfbg(at)



Datum’s sports hall, Tietotie 2


-Sports hall 15 x 24m, height 8m, parquet floor


-Driving net for baseball and golf, 4 pieces of golf training mattresses

-Basketball, hoop sets, height 305cm

-Solid floorball rink, junior goals and small floorball sticks

-2 Badminton fields, poles, nets

-Visiting / parking spots through Uutetie road.

-Hall reservations through an application form from their website (sports hall price list)

-You’ll find from the link about Datum’s rules of usage on the sports hall (a new PDF tab will open)

Datum’s small group gym, Tietotie 2

-Targeted for small groups, 7 x 15m

- Visiting / parking spots through Uutetie road.

-Monitored group exercise turns

-Technogym Easyline equipment


-Core-Tex balance board

-Weight bars, dumbbells, Kettlebells, jump ropes and such. 

-gym reservations for groups through an application form from their website

Miina elementary school’s sports venues, Koulutie 8

-Sports hall 10 x 18m, pulastic coating

-gymnastics, budo, dance, special group exercises

-multipurpose arena, artificial grass

-Basketball field, asphalt 20x10m

-Ball field, rock ash

-hall reservations through an application form from their website

Paana high school’s sports venues, Asemakuja 1

-Sports hall 12 x 22m, parquet floor

-Multipurpose arena, artificial grass

-Baseball field, rock ash

-Parkour area

-Baseball field

-Outdoor equipment

-Outdoor ping-pong

-Hall turns and field reservations can be asked from the correct secretary  p. 050 517 4456

Paana high school’s tennis field, Asemakuja 1


-Artificial grass

-Open from Monday to Sunday 22.4. – 23.10. At 8:00 to 22:00

-Field reservation in turns can be weekly added in the notification board

-maximum reservation limit 2 x 1,5t / week / person

-Obey the care instructions of the field!


Padel courses in Jokioinen





Chance to be introduced to this sport for the people of Jokioinen at the outdoor padel field, Hongistonkuja 2, Jokioinen.

Thursdays at 13:00 – 14:30 and Sundays at 8:30 – 10:00.


Turn reservations and keys can be taken from the library of Jokioinen. Equipment is on the field ready for use. Disinfect the handles of the clubs and lock down the field at the end of your turn.


Return the keys back to the library at least by the next day.

Maximum reservation 1 x / week / person or group, max. 2 turns (per month / same group


More info on the field;


-Game rules on Padel (link opens to the webpage)


Skate park, Kenttätie (near the sports centre)


Equipment includes such as.

- Halfpipe

- Quarterpipe

- Funbox

- Flat Wedge

- Pyramid

- Streetspine

- Grindrail

- Picknick-pöytä

- Grindbox

Rules on the skate park (The PDF will open a new tab)

The park maintenance is handled by the technical department / field workers

Make sure to keel the place clean and inform of any issues and dangers to the technical department / field workers

Pick up that trash! Now put it in the trashcan!

- The park is open at 9:00 – 22:00

- The usage of skate boards, scooters, BMX-bikes and roller-skates are allowed in the area.

We recommend you wearing helmets!

- The usage of other equipment and bikes are banned

- Smoking and using intoxicants are especially banned!

- Irrelevant staying in the park is banned!

Swimming places


- Rehtijärvi’s swimming place, uimarannantie 64

- Kuuma’s swimming place, Kankaantie 45

- Pikku-Liesjärvi’s camp ground, Tammela, Opaalikuja 51, Susika

Beach Volley

Rehtijärvi’s swimming place

Uimarannantie 64

31600 Jokioinen

Other fields

Miina elementary school’s ball field (rock ash)

Kuuma elementary school’s multipurpose arena (artificial grass) and ball field (rock ash)

Shooting gallery

- Shotgun / miniature moose course (Ms Kontio, Ms Paukku, Ms Rakki)

Navigation maps

- are located in Vaulammi, Paukkumäki, Huhtaa-Minkiö, Pohjanmaankulma, Kalakoski, Rehtijärvi

Other sports venues

Motocross track at Luodenssuo

Korventie, Jokioinen

More info FMS/ Toni Nordman, p. 050-5811 390

Forssan moottoriseura

Forssan Motor group

You can inquire about the sports venues and turns from the office of free time, p. 050 517 4456

You can inquire about the maintenance of the outdoor sports venues from p. 050 592 5870 / Jukka Suonpää

Exercise in nature


Map of the nature exercise tracks from the region of Forssa (slogan: “Luonto lisää liikettä” “Nature increases movement”)

Map of the nature exercise tracks from the region of Forssa (The PDF will open a new tab)

Also more info of the locations on the map (The PDF will open a new tab)

National sports venues

You can get to the Lipas sports venue system by clicking the link down below (The map will open on a new tab)



Jokioisten kunta
Keskuskatu 29 A
31600 Jokioinen

Kunnanvirasto avoinna
ma-pe klo 9.00-15.00

Virallinen sähköpostiosoite

(luottamushenkilöt ja henkilöstö)
Sähköposti: etunimi.sukunimi(at)

044 901 7174 (ma - to, klo 9 -14)