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The municipality of Jokioinen gives early education to about 60 students and basic education to about 550 students each school year. For younger students there are afternoon activities after school. From the attached menu, you can find more information on the schools and events that involve students.

There are two main schools in Jokioinen: Miina elementary school and Paana high school. There are about 550 students in basic education. Miinas school teaches students from 1-4 grade. Paanas school teaches students from 5-9 grade.

Miina Elementary School

Miina elementary school

Paana High School

Paana high school

PedaNet webpages of those schools:

Miinan koulu:
Miina Sillanpään tie 1

Paanan koulu:
Asemakuja 1

School schedules and vacation times 2023-2024: 

Autumn semester:    Wednesday 9.8.2023 – Thursday 21.12.2023
Spring semester:      Monday 8.1.2024 – Saturday 1.6.2024

Autumn break:          Monday 16.10.2023 – Sunday 22.10.2023 (week 42)
Christmas break:     Thursday 22.12.2023 – Sunday 7.1.2024
Winter break:           Monday 26.2.2024 – Sunday 3.3.2024 (week 9)

 Saturdays:               Whether if schools decide to make Saturday a workday, then it will result in a day off on a determined date



Director of education - principal

Jari Sillanpää

050 5451 005




Jokioisten kunta
Keskuskatu 29 A
31600 Jokioinen

Kunnanvirasto avoinna
ma-pe klo 9.00-15.00

Virallinen sähköpostiosoite

(luottamushenkilöt ja henkilöstö)
Sähköposti: etunimi.sukunimi(at)

044 901 7174 (ma - to, klo 9 -14)