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In Jokioinen, the beautiful scenery and the cultural environment exist harmoniously side by side. The main features of Jokioinen are the Jokioinen Estate with its historic buildings, manufacturing industry and research and science institutes. These are an integral part of life for the inhabitants and are also very visible to visitors.

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 A photo of a steam Locomotive

The Church


The Narrow Gauge Railway

Memorials and Statues


Agricultural Exhibition Parks of Luke: Ferraria Hillside, Elonkierto; The Wendla Garden

The Jokioinen Estate


Jokioisten kunta

Keskuskatu 29 A, 31600 Jokioinen

Kunnanvirasto avoinna ma klo 9.00-16.30, ti-pe klo 9.00-15

Faksi 03 4384 025

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